Murphy Jones LLP is a general healthcare law practice that concentrates on the legal issues affecting Nurses and other healthcare professionals. Our firm focuses on providing quality legal defense in Disciplinary and Licensure matters before the State Boards and counseling healthcare professionals regarding their practice and protecting their legal rights.

Our firm fully understands the professional impact State Board hearings may have on a healthcare professional’s career and employment abilities. We have substantial experience in the intricate and nuanced administrative procedures and protocols of Board Disciplinary and Licensure matters, and are committed to successfully representing healthcare professionals and counseling them throughout the administrative processes


Murphy Jones LLP focuses its litigation practice representing clients in medical malpractice and personal injury actions. Murphy Jones LLP’s extensive experience and knowledge in both Law and Medicine is advantageous to our clients in all phases of litigation, from case evaluation to settlement or trial.

Our firm has over 15 years of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in medical malpractice and personal injury actions. Attorneys who understand both the legal and medical ramifications and consequences associated with injuries best serve injured individuals and defendant healthcare professionals. Our firm has the knowledge needed to review complex medical records and other healthcare related information to determine whether a case has merit, which helps to save our clients time and money in the initial review of their case.


Murphy Jones LLP maintains a limited practice representing clients in the entertainment industry. Attorney Kevin Murphy has experience and a keen interest in this practice area. He co-founded a visual effects studio in 2007, acting as Chief of Operations and overseeing the business’ expansion and developing its clientele while making numerous contacts in the music and film industry.


2 Responses to “Practice Areas”

  1. KAY Says:

    I am looking for a lawyer who can write a letter to protect my nursing license in houston texas. I have been unable to find one. Can you help me. Refer anyone to me. PLEASE HELP ME

    • murphyjones Says:

      Ms. Ragab:
      Please visit our new blog/website at for new postings, information and avenues to connect with us. I have several Texas colleagues in the Houston area that I will be able to refer you to via email or over the telephone.

      Best regards,
      Kevin Murphy,

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