Murphy Jones LLP is a limited liability partnership law firm founded by Nurse Attorney Kathleen Murphy Jones and Attorney Kevin C. Murphy. This mother and son legal team is dedicated to providing legal services with the utmost integrity and diligence. With our vast experience in both Medicine and Law, our firm focuses on representing Nurses or other health care providers in matters related to State Board Disciplinary Actions or licensing issues, as well as clients injured by someone’s medical malpractice or negligence. Our firm is equipped to handle licensing matters including initial applications and/or renewals disclosing prior criminal offenses, mental health issues or disciplinary action by another state’s Board of Nursing. With offices in Las Vegas and San Diego, Murphy Jones LLP is ideally situated to represent clients throughout Nevada and Southern California.

Our firm is committed to providing excellence in legal representation which is achieved in large part through effective communication with our clients, helping them to understand and navigate the legal process and by keeping them informed of the status of their case and their legal options on a regular basis or more often as needed. A professional license is too important to leave to chance, and our family knows how to defend and protect your rights and livelihood.


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